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Churchwardens and Parochial Church Council

The Churchwardens and PCC has the responsibility for the day to day running of St Birinus Church. Churchwardens and PCC members are appointed by those on the Church Electoral Role. Anybody who attends services is encouraged to register on our Church Electoral role.

Maintaining The Building

The church building is a Grade IIA listed building and is nearly 120 years old. Like most old buildings there is a lot of work to keep it in good condition. Recently there has been work to repair a leaky roof, repairs to the glazing bars on the large stained glass window and repair to the woodwork, guttering and soffits. In the near future repairs or replacement heating systems will have to be addressed.

We are responsible for maintaining the church grounds and we are very grateful to all those who give time and money to help.

The church premises need to be safe and insured, this includes regular testing of electrical equipment and fire appliances. On top of this there are the other ongoing costs of keeping the church building going over the year – electricity, organ maintenance, piano tuning, repairs to windows etc.

Team Clergy, from left to right, David, Paulene, Frank, Veronica and Bill
St Birinus Church Stained Glass Window
St Birinus Church Grounds
St Birinus Church Grounds

St Birinus Church Prayer

O God our Creator, whose love is for everyone, strengthen our commitment and desire to love and serve all in our community.

Help us to be obedient to your command to share the good news of your son Jesus Christ and his love for the entire world.

We pray for your promised Holy Spirit to give us courage, imagination and wisdom, so that we may be guided and equipped to do your will.


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